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Consider this. You have recently bought a new set of your much awaited iPod and now you wish to download your favorite music. How will you go about this? Probably, you would think of downloading idm gigapurbalingga iTunes but here the cost can be a big set back to your plans. Since, they charge per song or music download and hence the cost of your downloading can exceed your budget. But the good news for you is that now there are many membership sites which offer you unlimited downloading of iPod music, songs, and music videos for one time membership charges. But there are certain advantages and disadvantages for music and video downloading from these sites.

o Lifetime membership for one time payment – The membership of these sites cost you only once. Once you have subscribed for the membership, you can download unlimited number of songs or music at your iPod. There is no restriction of the number of the songs and time of downloading.
o Low cost – the iPod music downloads sites save you a lot of money as compared to the other downloads which charge you per song. Moreover, the cost of buying the CDs would also cost you more than the one time membership charges paid for unlimited music and songs.
o Unlimited Music – These sites offer you millions of songs and music, so you can choose any of your choice and can download that in your iPod. Also, the latest hits are always available on such sites.
o Unlimited number of media files, movies, videos, and games – Besides the music, these sites offer you unlimited number of other media files such as movies, videos, games, and TV shows to be saved in your iPod.
o Free Software – Most of these membership sites offer you the free software including music and video converters enabling the music and movie files to be converted into iPod compatible format such as MP3 and H.264 video. So, a good amount of money is saved by these sites, which would have otherwise been spent on the expensive video conversion applications.

o Illegal sites – There may be some sites which can lead you to face scams. Always make sure that you read the terms and conditions carefully, so that you are not dragged to any kind of violation of the copyright laws for downloading the music for your iPod. So, be careful about the music and the source you are downloading from.
o Poor downloading speed – Some of the membership sites are there which are only concerned with making money and thus cannot provide good services to its customers. These sites are poorly maintained and hence there servers cannot stand with the growing traffic volumes resulting into low speed of downloading. While on other side, there are some very good sites which offer the excellent services to its customers by providing good speed of downloading.
o Poor after-sales services – Some of the sites are so badly run that they do not even bother about the quality after-sales services and customer support. So, make it sure to confirm all aspects of a membership site before subscribing to it.