A lot of fundraising golf tournaments is being held all around the globe to support some certain cause and campaigns. But beyond every success of a comprehensive planning should be done fundraising golf tournaments to ensure the events success. First thing to consider would be the big turnout for your event. Promoting the event through fliers and posters and even using media as your direct rapport to the mass could be an effective way of encouraging people to join your event. Another one would be for you to look for sponsors may it be hole, corporate or player sponsors. By this way you can cut your cost less than the original amount. You can also hold small raffles and bidding of any golf cart accessories or golf related products to attract participation from sponsors and gamers after all no one says no to winning even for just a small amount of cash or item. And the most important factor for you to do is to feed you guests with drinks and foods that they will surely like to keep the interest coming.

Golfing Tournaments are often held to sponsor some charitable organization or to support some campaigns for a good cause. One of the most famous golf tours is the PGA Tour. It is an organization that functions as the United States of America’s major professional golf tours. The organization’s tournaments are recognized all over the globe for the participation of professional golfers who are famous on their chosen fields. With the organization’s achievement a lot of people think that the organization is mainly for the elite circles only. But, PGA is a non-profit organization with a sturdy emphasis on fundraising and doing charity work for the less fortunate ones. The org have raised a massive amount of one billion dollars used to help the charities situated on the venue cities. All of the events that they held is mostly non profitable with only a little exceptions.

Another worthy fundraising event for golfers is the Rally for the Cure held every October by the Breast Cancer Foundation founder Susan G. Komen. Every year men and women tie it up for a cause on fighting the breast cancer disease that kills millions of women every year all over the globe. The fundraising I held for every golf enthusiast to participate and join the cause of fighting against the sickness. Every participants may it be golfers or non golfers are aware of the fact that the event was not held just because of the golf game but about the amount of money being raised and earned that is directly given to the Komen Foundation annually. The money donated is being used for the treatments to cure women with breast cancer. The colour pink represents the group’s courage to fight the killer disease.