The Role of a Project Manager and What Is Expected of Him

The IT department of the Food as well as Agriculture Company (CIO) intends to ensure that IT initiatives are innovative and also transformational on behalf of long term FAO strategy; demonstrate a positive indicator of success as well as financial investment for the future which agreed IT task timescales, budget plans and also degrees of efficiency (top quality) are satisfied. Lately the IT division has actually achieved success in executing a streamlined job administration structure (SPMF) to attain these purposes.

The new Simplified Job Management Structure (SPMF) is intended to supply a broad framework making use of simple performance monitoring as well as control mechanisms that will allow measurement versus industry best practice benchmarks as the execution is fully embraced and develops. The principles of the SPMF offer a core method to job management that can be included in any type of job administration system with the called for degree of assistance, checking and reporting being varied relying on the job dimension, intricacy as well as demands.

It is necessary to understand that the task administration process commences at the first conception of the job, instead of after the contract of “the funding for the project” when the functional shipment begins. As such SPMF supplies task management assistance throughout the project interpretation and planning phases of all jobs. The complete life-cycle can be referred to as a series of unique stages, with job advancing from the theoretical phases with to execution phases and also into the functional and also post assessment stage. A crucial part of an effective job management process is the independent evaluation of job development at the end of each phase, which is expected to confirm the advantages and also objectives prior to concurring and also moving onto the next stage, thereby ensuring that the task owner gets the full tactical benefit of the job.

The right mix of preparation, monitoring, as well as control can make the difference in completing a task promptly, on budget plan, and with excellent quality outcomes. The basic elements of the structure are 5 essential phases throughout the life-cycle of a project.

There is a propensity for jobs to short-change the planning procedure, with a focus on leaping right in and beginning the work. This is a mistake. The time spent appropriately preparing the project will certainly result in reduced expense as well as duration and also enhanced quality over the life of the task. The task definition is the key deliverable from the preparation procedure as well as explains all facets of the job at a high level.

This stage primarily determines whether Project Management Professional the need has been investigated and justified; is the project regular with the FAO and IT department’s approach; have the different options to come close to the project been taken into consideration and assessed; has the price as well as benefit to FAO been determined taking into consideration any kind of longer-term persistent expenses e.g. staffing, along with shorter-term capital expenses; have the major chances and also dangers connected with the job been taken into consideration; are the appropriate interior sources (consisting of time, personnel and/or abilities) available to advance to Stage 2 and also the subsequent stages of the job; has ‘in-principle’ approval of the task been sought from the proper individual(s)/ bodies.
This stage exists to the IT Board for consideration/approval, if accepted the process advances to the following stage.

After the project interpretation has been prepared, the job plan needs to be developed. The job plan supplies the step-by-step plans for building project deliverables and managing the task. Throughout the development of the job plan of the task, the major aspects to be reviewed are whether the skills the supporting task group possess suffice for the effective completion of the project; has a comprehensive task management plan been prepared with wise (particular, quantifiable, agreed, practical and time-limited) targets?

The outcome of this phase is a project initiation paper supported with an IT job strategy that identifies all aspects of the project deliverables, timeline, resources and also prices. Approval of this work strategy is a requirement for the following phase.

In order to proceed with the start-up phase, the task requires to guarantee that all people directly and also indirectly related to the job (consisting of the independent customer) clearly comprehend the goals of the job as well as the effect it will have upon them. Furthermore their responsibilities need to be plainly defined and also reviewed with the independent customer. An easy communication plan needs to be established to specify quick and simple communication with participants of the project team and also other stakeholders in the project.
This stage must provide assurances that there are no considerable time gaps in between crucial turning points and that stipulation has been created suitable acting testimonials.

The major elements of this phase is to make certain that the project remains on track with respect to the task strategy; all the expected products and services are being provided and objectives accomplished; all the scheduled job monitoring conferences have been completed; all task issues have actually been connected to the Elderly IT portfolio officer and/ or fixed; which all major aspects of the task distribution are satisfied, like “in a timely manner”, “on spending plan” and also “to top quality”.

The SPMF needs the task proprietor to undertake a project assessment, promptly on conclusion, to analyze the actual performance of the task in connection with accomplishing the original purposes, success criteria and that the results delivered are as expected.

The lessons learnt demand to be recorded and also utilized to boost the administration of similar tasks in the future. Additionally a well-documented production handover needs to be prepared by the project advancement team and also sent to the procedures team to guarantee smooth handover to procedures.